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Coming in Remotely…

by on September 30, 2011

Week #2 of the Second Life NMFS Group (image by Chimera Cosmos)

Despite trying to rejigger my schedule, I found myself in the middle of the Rhode Island Sound (on a ferry) during our NMFS 90-minutes this week.  Fortunately, I had downloaded Pocketmetaverse to my iPhone in advance and, amazingly enough, was able to enter Second Life remotely.  In fact, that’s me (my avatar, Spiral) appearing as a grey, fuzzy cloud just to the left of the campfire circle.  Her grey fuzziness is a reflection of my low bandwidth.  It’s a moments like these that I realize how on the edge of technology we are, experimenting with these virtual worlds.  I’m sure that it won’t be too long into our technological futures where we will all be able to seamlessly and efficiently join virtual world events on our handheld computers – even from the middle of the Rhode Island Sound!

Liz Dorland (SL=Chimera Cosmos) was the facilitator at this week’s session, devoted to a discussion of the Licklider and Weiner essays.  As you can see in the photo, she put up a few wonderful displays of images, text, and a fabulous Mindmeister map that one of our members, Roland LeGrand (SL= Orlando7 Decosta), created to show his analysis of interrelationships in the origins of thinking about computers – a sort of idea-geneology, based on Turner’s book.

I heartell from Liz that the conversation was rich – I unfortunately, was only able to follow whatever was typed into the local chat since P.Metaverse doesn’t manage SL voice.  But thanks to a few nimble-fingered Seminarians, I was able to catch a lot of it (thanks to the typists!).

And now, onto Englebart – which I will be reading at the beach.


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  1. lizdorland permalink

    We were so glad you were able to join us in chat, even though a fuzzy cloud! Actually most of the conversation was in chat except my comments, and the a lot of those were summarized in chat by other avatars. Even though voice is available, it seems that many of the participants like to chime in via chat as ideas come to them. I often feel the same way in SL.

    We are inventing as we go along, which is as it should be.


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